GreyPower as association

GreyPower is a country-wide non-profit organisation that was founded in 1995. It is a service and goodwill association for persons of fifty years and older as well as for those who are unemployed due to early retirement.

GreyPower takes into account three subgroups of persons above fifty

The subgroup 50 to 65: They are the persons that are at the crest of their careers, but are already planning for their retirement. GreyPower uses experts from among its own ranks to advise them in this regard.

The subgroup 66 to 75: They are the actual pensioners. Amongst them there are also those whose pension is steadily losing buying power because of the increasing rate of inflation. GreyPower advises and assists them in the planning of expenses according to their pension income. They are also protected against being exploited.

The subgroup 76 years and older: They are elderly persons who often have a need for actual support in different spheres of society.

The three age categories above include a large pool of expertise, experience, specialisation and wisdom in all areas of life. The main aim of GreyPower is to mobilise and organise these human resources, and to practically activate them for their own benefit as well as the benefit of others in South Africa. GreyPower uses its collective negotiating power to be a mouthpiece, guardian and representative of seniors during negotiations with the authorities.

Vision and mission

The vision of GreyPower is to actively promote and develop the dignity, quality of life and social security of its members in order to enable them to continue functioning as participating, responsible and active members of their communities.

The mission of GreyPower is to keep its members informed about developments that affect their interests and to support them through specialised information and guidance to enable them to handle their personal lives effectively.

Board of Directors and modus operandi

Through the involvement of expert persons in the portfolio committees of the Board of Directors and cooperation with the two-monthly magazine Plus 50, topical issues such as housing, health, safety and security, welfare services, sport and recreation, economic matters, consumer matters, legal matters and aspects of retirement planning are dealt with.

The Board of Directors consists of the following persons:
Dr K Prinsloo (chairperson), Mr A Jacobs, Mr P Joubert, Dr E Malan, Dr D van der Zel, Prof D Hauptfleisch, Mr S Eckley and Mrs E Stals.

Greypower is curently concentrating on the following focus areas:
* Job opportunities for seniors
* Plus 50-magazine
* Membership and benefits; liaising with retirement villages and senior groups
* Economic and financial matters
* Legal matters
* Arts and culture
* Annual Expo 50+, and celebration of International Day for Older Persons (Tshwane Metropolis)
* Short courses in creative ageing.

Membership fees

Membership of GreyPower amounts to R160.00 per annum. This include 6 editions of the Plus50-magazine (postal delivery), electronic newsletter, access to expert advice from Greypower Directors and a proposed loyalty card with benefits.